Managed Services Frees Up Your IT Department

Setting IT budgets for the year can be a revealing exercise. It starts with reflecting on which investments paid off, which expenditures were extraneous, and which payments were important but completely out of sync with forecasts. To budget properly for the coming year, the company makes assumptions based on future-focused questions: Where is the company growing most? How will we plan for that growth? How will we support that growth plan? How do we keep ourselves secure? From there, a business can plan where investments should be made and do its best to set a realistic budget.

Of all of the questions executives can ask themselves to create smarter spending plans, they need to concentrate most on the items falling into the “important but completely out of sync with forecasts” category. A prime example of an expense in this category is internal IT support services. In legacy support models, there is typically a small IT staff on hand and a larger remote helpdesk. Internal IT support teams are available to troubleshoot issues ranging from network servicing and monitoring, to backups and implementing security software. With such varied tasks, it often takes several attempts to find the right person within the support team to fix the problem. Once that person connects, even then it takes time for the support team to align themselves with the specific technologies and systems at the individual business.

The legwork it takes to connect with support can be wildly detrimental to the business at hand. During that down time, a minor technical issue can quickly turn into a costly disaster. Hourly losses for downtime ranges from approximately $215,638 per hour for SMBs to $686,250 per hour for enterprises. To reduce support wait times and increase the productivity of the workforce, no matter what the IT issue is, investing in a modern support service nurtures a healthy bottom line.

Instead of an in-house/helpdesk system, under a Managed Services Partnership (MSP) model your business allies with a provider that covers all types of IT support. Because MSP employees various specialists and teams, your business is fully covered by leading experts no matter what issues arise. MSPs act as IT consultants, managing daily support and helpdesk, keeping up-to-date with technology shifts, and designing and implementing custom network, hardware, and software solutions. Additionally, by reducing IT staffing costs, an MSP can provide the same or better level of service than in-house support, at a fraction of the cost. Teams are typically available 24/7 versus an in-house 9-5 business hours model to limit monitor for and get ahead of any potential security threats.

In our infographic, we show that 42% of business plan to increase their IT budgets in 2015, and we’re here to help make those investments matter. Through our NetTech Managed Services offering, Real Time Consultants provides flexible managed service packages that support all of your IT needs. From proactive technology management to reactive support, we are your consulting partner and work to ensure secure and reliable IT environments. It is our mission to control IT expenses, improve productivity, and liberate your IT department so they can focus on the larger strategy issues at hand.

Our experts have developed NetTech Managed Services as an all-inclusive managed services solution that is ready to take on any IT issues you may be facing. Contact us to learn more at (201) 512-1777 or email