About Us

Real Time started as a small operation based out of Glen Rock, NJ in 1981, providing ancillary services and products to the data processing departments of corporate offices.  Within four years, our size and offerings grew and our operations moved to Upper Saddle River, NJ.  We began building new partnerships with leaders in the industry, and as our association and authorizations with these manufacturers grew, so did our expertise and staff.  In 1987, Real Time became a forerunner in the local area network field.  Throughout the Eighties and Nineties, we worked to evolve our product line and areas of service within the corporate computing environment and in 1994 we relocated to Mahwah, NJ, where we still remain to this day.

In September 2013, we announced that Networking Technologies (Net Tech) has merged with Real Time to become our Managed Services Brand.  Real Time now functions out of Mahwah and Kenilworth, NJ, expanding our reach to businesses in the area.